Street Project

WSF is actively on the streets but we still want to do more because we understand there is a huge disconnect between youths and their immediate environment due to lack of formal education or training that will give them better opportunities at white-collar jobs. These youths we have found out have heart, passion, and courage to either learn skills or have their natural talents honed If only given a chance or an opportunity and we want to help close the gap.

Our street project will see us partnering with organizations that share the same value as WSF on this cause. Our partnership will enable us to have more boots on the ground; who have experiences already working with disadvantaged youths at the grassroots level. We hope to empower our disadvantaged youths by helping them to develop skills that will put them at par with their peers or even give them an edge and a chance at a better future. It’s no news that job creation and economic growth are related. At WSF, we know first-hand that for a Nation to maintain healthy economic growth, job creations should be a priority.